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How can I make sure MultiCharts has been removed completely? Reinstalling does not seem to help with my problem.

If a previous version has been running, previous version files may be lingering. This is common if there were problems with missing, miscalculating or not compiled studies. If your existing version of MultiCharts crashed, froze or otherwise did not close properly follow those steps please:

1. Make sure no processes are left lingering in the system
    Begin uninstalling after rebooting the system (for simplicity).
2. Use the Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs to uninstall the existing version.
    NOTE: A prompt appears to keep or delete existing databases. You can keep your databases or delete them, this will not affect the removal of the application.
3. After uninstall completes, make sure no files are left in folders:
    X:/Program Files/TS Support/MultiCharts
    X:/Program Files/Common Files/TS Support/PLEditor
4. Now you can install the latest version of MultiCharts.