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What is OwnData?

OwnData is the first and only program that allows using high-quality data from eSignal in TradeStation 7. For the first time you’re able to use any data provided by eSignal company. This opens new possibilities for your TradeStation 7. If before you were limited to the data provided from the TradeStation Securities servers, then our program opens both eSignal and TradeStation Securities data to you. Even if you’re content with the symbols provided by TradeStation Securities, we strongly recommend OwnData, as this will give you a backup in case of any problems with the TradeStation Securities feed. Also, in case of any discrepancy in the data you could easily find it out and fix by comparing data from two vendors and make your conclusions.

So using OwnData significantly decreases the risks of stopping the trading system’s work and receiving faulty data. Besides, completely new trading securities and, consequently, analysis possibilities are open to you. The program is deeply integrated with TradeStation for effective and user-friendly handling.