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To connect MultiCharts to CSI data feed, it is necessary to have their software installed and launched on the computer.
Your CSI account should be enabled for 3rd party application data access on the CSI end.
To make sure that is done and to download the CSI software, please, contact CSI directly: http://www.csidata.com/?page_id=21
To set up CSI data feed connection, in the QuoteManager main menu select Tools and then click Data Sources. Select CSI in the list of all supported data vendors and make sure that is active.
To add an instrument manually or from data source, see Adding Symbol(s) to Symbol List.

Note: By default continuous contracts are using "NthNearest" rule.

Since MultiCharts 12 Beta 1 that is possible to load back-adjusted data:

  • Run Quote Manager and double click on the symbol you need.
  • Add BACK-ADJUSTED to the end of the description and click Ok.

CSI backadjusted.png

  • Plot the symbol you need on a chart and reload it using Ctrl+R.
Note: Only the data provided via API can be accessed. ASCII files stored in CSI application are not accessible through CSI connection. For accessing multiple ASCII files please see ASCII mapping