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GAIN Capital

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(ex. Open E Cry/OEC)

Expired futures contracts are not provided.

Important information: Existing customers need to enable third party software for the account. It is necessary to contact the broker and ask to do that.

To set up GAIN Capital data feed connection:

  1. In the QuoteManager main menu select Tools and then click Data Sources.
  2. Select GAIN Capital in the list of all supported data vendors and click the Settings button.
  3. In the opened up window:
  • Authorization section.
    Enter Login and Password.
  • Connectivity section.
    Make sure that the Server Name and Port number (default Port number is 9210) are correct.
  • Historical Data section.
  • Simultaneous loading of Historical Data across all symbols/charts.
    If the box is checked the data is requested for all symbols simultaneously, not in a particular order.
  • Utilization of cache for real-time price data.
    Example: Historical minutes are requested as minutes from server up to the latest one. The latest historical is plotted from ticks up to the present moment. All the data that is collected in real-time (ticks) is used to build minutes.
  • Real-time Data section.
    Generate a new tick if total volume changes.
    Check if you need total volume for the session. By default it is turned off. When turn on, the Trade Tick Volume = current TotalVolume – previous TotalVolume.
    Use minute realtime data for minute based resolutions
    Check to use real-time minute data to build charts with minute resolution.

To add an instrument manually or from data source, see Adding Symbol(s) to Symbol List.

Also, make sure that you set up GAIN Capital broker profile for trading and GAIN Capital broker plug-in for auto-trading.