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Free Quotes data feed is configured correctly by default and one can plot a chart using a number of prebuilt symbols from Free Quotes. That is free end-of-day historical daily bars coming from Yahoo Finance. Only limited number of Stocks and Indexes are available from this data source in MultiCharts.

NOTE: With FreeQuotes you can get data only for the symbols that on Historical Data webpage have option Download.

To set up Free Quotes data feed connection

  1. In the QuoteManager main menu select Tools and then click Data Sources, find Free Quotes in the list of all supported data vendors and click the Settings button. The Free Quotes Data Feed Configuration window is opened.
  2. In the opened up window:
  • Edit the number and timeout of attempts to request data from Yahoo servers by editing Retry and Timeout columns.
  • Set up proxy connection in the Proxy Authentication tab:
Select Auto-detect proxy settings for this network to use your system's proxy settings. Username and Password are required for authentication.
Select Use application proxy settings to use the proxy settings specified in the Credentials Window.

To add an instrument manually, see Adding Symbol(s) to Symbol List.