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It is possible to use the values of other indicators as inputs for indicator or signal.

Indicator on indicator.png

To select an indicator value as an input:

  1. Apply the indicator to the chart,
  2. In Format Study --> Inputs tab click the input value,
  3. Click the ... button to select the indicator to be used as an input value,
  4. Select the required indicator and click Ok,
  5. Select the plot value to be used as an input value,
  6. Click Ok.

Indicator on indicator 2.png

The line in the input field is

Indicator: "Name of indicator" plotN | Input_Name = Input_Value


  1. Indicator: - keyword, is obligatory,
  2. "Name of indicator" - string value (in quotes) representing. Is obligatory.
  3. plotN - plot number is to be used for calculations. Example - plot1, plot2 etc. Is optional parameter. If not specified, the plot with the smaller number is used.
  4. | - delimiter.
  5. Input_name = Input_Value - setting certain value for a certain input. Is optional parameter.

Note: In MultiCharts .NET this functionality is not available through study inputs. One can access objects of one study from the another one in the code:C# example; VB.NET example