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Fast removal of strange off topic posts.   [ ]
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#1 posted 17 Mar 2012 

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It is too bad there is no button on the forum we could click on to notify MC support of strange completely off topic messages being posted to a thread. These are message about something not even remotely close to trading or this forum or the project management system etc (spam I guess they call it). I am thinking that a direct link should be included in the email to MC support so they can quickly go directly to it and decide if it should be removed rather than having to notice it by chance later. Obviously it would need to eliminate duplicate notifications. Maybe a special email address with a popup on someone's screen could reduce the duration of time that unwanted post exists on the forum. Right now I suppose someone is getting the standard email that a post has been made (something that may not draw as quick a response).

#2 posted 17 Mar 2012 

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I agree it would be a welcome feature. Just about all other forums I use have a similar feature whereby a Terms of Use Violation (TUV) or Code of Conduct Violation (CCV) can be submitted to the moderators, with comments.

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