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Real-Time Market Scanner

Scan all symbols universe one-by-one with a specified frequency and at the same time monitor hundreds of selected instruments in real-time. Now thousands of instruments can be automatically sorted out from the whole market according to your indicator criteria for further updating in real-time. Multi-core support and 64-bit architecture make the Market Scanner the most powerful tool for finding trading opportunities.For technical information on this feature look at the related Wiki page.

How does the Scanner work?

Market Scanner is a watchboard for monitoring symbols you are interested in and finding opportunities. The new version of our Scanner has two components: Pre-Scanning and Watchlist windows. While a single chart gives you details about one symbol, the Scanner allows you to spot opportunities among thousands of symbols.

Monitoring and tracking your opportunities
For example, you want to find all symbols that have oversold recently. The logic is that these instruments will be below their normal value and they present a potentially profitable opportunity. To do this, simply add symbols that interest you into Pre-scanning list, insert a pre-built or custom indicator, and specify the threshold value.Those symbols that satisfy the conditions will be shown in Watchlist window for updating in real-time.

How does Pre-Scanning work?
When instruments are added into Pre-Scanning list and your criteria are set, scanning can be started. To start scanning click the Rescan now button which initiates both historical and real-time snapshot data requests. The data is requested in parts, depending on the limitation of the data source - this lets Market Scanner get data for many instruments without breaking the limitations set by data sources. When all requested data is received, instruments will be unsubscribed from the data source and data will be requested for the next set of instruments.

How does Watchlist work?
The instruments in Pre-Scanning are evaluated as per the scanning criteria, and ones that satisfy the parameters you set are automatically copied into the Watchlist window. You can select either the best or the worst scanning results to be displayed in the Watchlist for updating in real-time.

See the big picture

You can use different resolutions in different rows. For example, you could have the same symbol in tick, minute and day resolutions to monitor different trends. For even more flexibility each row can have its own session template and a unique number of bars a study will reference.

20+ important data fields
Open, High, Low, Close, Total Volume, Bid, Ask, Open Interest and other important data fields can be removed and added in seconds.

View a chart with one click

In addition to symbol linking, which allows you to change chart contents with a single click, MultiCharts has a unique feature called Market Trend Histogram. This allows you to see market dynamics without building a chart, but if you can still make a full-sized chart with one click if needed.

Scan and sort with ease

Scanner can automatically re-sort symbols either on a per-second basis or by a user-defined timer. Since you can sort according to any criteria available, this will help find trading opportunities in a timely fashion.

Apply hundreds of indicators

In addition to hundreds of studies that come with the trading platform, you can create your own, change existing ones and import from a variety of sources. Scanner’s distinctive feature is that you can change cell background and text coloring based on your personal criteria, and even have script-driven text generation in the Scanner cells.

Alerts that keep you informed

You can create custom visual, sound, and email alert for one or all symbols. Scanner alerts work the same as they do on regular charts.

Group symbols for easy viewing

You can visually group symbols according to any criteria. An important distinction of having a group is that sorting is realized within each individual group. This means you can select important sectors of the industry, or interesting stock groups, and see which one tops the others. Groups can also be minimized and restored at will.

Lots of data all in one place

Monitor thousands of real-time or end-of-day symbols in each Scanner window. You can even mix instruments with different resolutions and from different data feeds.

Built to minimize your computer’s efforts
Since our Real-Time Market Scanner was built to use modern multi-threading architecture, it can use multi-core and multi-CPU computers to their full potential. This allows you to create very CPU-intensive workspaces with thousands of instruments and watch them in real-time without gaps or lags.

64-bit version removes all memory limitations
The 64-bit version of MultiCharts can take advantage of powerful computers to the fullest extent by using all available memory. This means you can add a lot more than 5,000 symbols per scanner window, making it a much more powerful tool.

Export to Excel with one click

After finding the necessary symbols in the large list, sometimes it’s necessary to export data you find to Excel. MultiCharts can do this with one click.