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by pbastowski
24 Dec 2007
Forum: MultiCharts
Topic: Moving the MC Database to a different folder/drive
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Moving the MC Database to a different folder/drive

Hello, Does anyone know how to move the MultiCharts database to another location on the hard drive or to another drive alltogether? My C drive has filled up and I need to make some space. The MC database is 1 GB in size, so, it is a perfect candidate to move to drive D, which has plenty of space sti...
by pbastowski
06 Oct 2007
Forum: MultiCharts
Topic: dual screen problem
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Re: dual screen problem

Hi, I confirm that I have the same exact issue with my MC setup, with a loptop computer on the right and an external LCD screen to the left, like the first poster. I have the current release MC installed. If I move MC to the built in laptop screen then the scale works again. If I move it back to the...
by pbastowski
18 Aug 2006
Forum: MultiCharts
Topic: BackTesting
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Hi Alex, Are there plans to extend backtesting by providing a user interface for specifying the points below? And if so, what is the ETA on those features? 1. stop losses 2. trailing stops 3. profit targets and associated trailing stops 4. Optimization and fine tuning, as in looping through differen...

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