Reference books for EasyLanguage/Power Language? Debugging?

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Reference books for EasyLanguage/Power Language? Debugging?

Postby GD » 14 Oct 2006

Can anyone provide a good reference for EasyLanguage programming? I know the user manuals are pretty good, but, for example, I use the following in several paint indicators, and I've never seen any reference to any of this except in this forum. I really don't even know what the calling parameters mean, except that they seem to do what I need.

id = arw_new(d,t,h,true); {What do these parameters mean?}
arw_setstyle(id, 10); {What are the possible styles?}
arw_setsize(id, Arrow_size); {What is the range of arrow sizes?}

The MC folks often give tips on EasyLanguage - where does this information come from? I think my programming would be much better with better information.

Also, what are some debugging techniques that people use? For example, how do you write text to the screen with variable values to see why some indicator behaved as it did at some time? That would help immensely.



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Postby Stanley Miller » 15 Oct 2006

Dear GD,

Generally you can always use native EasyLanguage documentation for information:


But as you have correctly mentioned we extended the EasyLanguage functionality in some aspects and will describe all the new reserved words in the MultiCharts help file.

As to the debugging techniques, the most convenient and easiest way is to use Print function which write the text to the output tab of the PLEditor's output bar. You can also print to the txt files when necessary.

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