Copy/paste window, new datafeed, and trading from the chart:

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Copy/paste window, new datafeed, and trading from the chart:

Postby ybfjax » 14 Nov 2006

I was glad to see that some of my suggestions were actually in the software, although I had to dig.

1) Can you copy and paste a window? Having to start the new window process is a bit cumbersome.

2) A new feature request is to allow support for InfinityBrokerage (TransActFutures) . This will probably open an entirely new window for you.

It's not a retail datafeed, but rather a private one, similar to Interactive Brokers. I was hoping that you all could plug it in.

Since I mentioned integrating brokerage datafeed, the next logical thing would be......

3) The ability to trade from the chart and also create domes (bid/offer market depth). With seconds-interval charting and the ability to trade on the chart, you'll be heads above many of those other platforms, especially for the price.

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 15 Nov 2006

Dear ybfjax -

1. The "Clone chart" functionality will be added in the upcoming releases, maybe as soon as in MultiCharts 2.1

2. We have already added the TransActFutures as a data source, soon a version including it will be released.

3. "trade from the chart" and "market depth" features are in our functionality development plans for the next year.

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