StopLoss, Position Management, etc

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StopLoss, Position Management, etc

Postby ffm » 02 Aug 2022

Hey guys,

First post here. Hopefully you are able to help me. :)

I've been coding in PL for a few weeks and got somewhat stuck on the topics below.

1. I see there is an "Interest Rate" field when setting the properties for signals. Is that similar to Funding Rate in future contracts?

2. Is there a way to set a stoploss to be at a specific price? Ie. I want the position to close when the price reaches 1.21 instead of when there is a $x loss.

3. Is there a way to partially close a position instead of the entire position?

4. Is there a way to get the position size? I tried GetPositionTotalCost, but wasn't able to make it work because of the account field (it returns null on a forex instrument).

5. How does it work to do an in sample and out of sample backtesting? Is there a place to set this up?


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Re: StopLoss, Position Management, etc

Postby Kate MultiCharts » 03 Aug 2022

Hello ffm,

1. Interest Rate is a value that is used in MultiCharts for the performance ratio calculations.
Please find more info about the Properties here.
In general, this parameter is industry-standard, so you can look up more info about it online.

2. You can use the SetStopLoss and SetStopLoss pt keywords to set it in currency value or ticks.

3. Please check the keywords Total and From Entry.

4. Please check the below formulas:
marketposition * currentcontracts * avgentryprice * bigpointvalue
MarketPosition_at_Broker_for_The_Strategy * AvgEntryPrice_at_Broker_for_The_Strategy * bigpointvalue
MarketPosition_at_Broker * AvgEntryPrice_at_Broker * bigpointvalue

5. In MultiCharts you can use the Walk-Forward Optimization. Please find more info about it here.

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