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.NET Advantages

MultiCharts .NET expands your possibilities while retaining all advantages of the flagship MultiCharts platform. MultiCharts .NET has been engineered specifically for programmers who use VB.NET and C#. The .NET framework gives access to low level infrastructure, which means even more possibilities compared to PowerLanguage.

Develop complex strategies in C# and VB.NET

VB.NET and C# are often preferred by professional programmers for trading strategy development. Complex scripts can be managed more easily than in some other languages through creation of classes and declaring members and methods within them.

PowerLanguage.NET Editor

GDI drawings on charts

GDI lets you draw whatever you want with highest performance directly on charts. Highlight any pixel on your chart. Even the most complex drawings, such as a complete DOM window with real-time quotes, are processed with ease.



Access to complete account info

Quickly access all information fields from Order and Position Tracker, such as account name, number, PnL and complete information about your orders. You can also send unmanaged orders directly from scripts.

Create custom Toolbars

If existing toolbars are not enough, you can easily create custom ones to suit your needs. Need a custom button or a toolbar? Just Google it - there is a huge number of ready .NET components on the Internet.

Access data of any symbol from scripts

Your indicators and strategies can access data for symbols that are not even charted, giving you maximum flexibility when making trading decisions.

Use different brokers

You get the ability to trade simultaneously with more than one broker and on more than one instrument using just one strategy on a chart (sending unmanaged orders).

Use any IDE you like

MultiCharts .NET is a friendly software development environment and lets you use any IDE you like, from the built-in editor to Notepad++.

External Databases

One can access to the list of symbols in the database from studies. Moreover, you can access the third-party databases (SQL Server, Mongo DB).

Complete Debugging Solution

MultiCharts .NET is tightly integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, so you can use the best industry tool with maximum ease. Debug your indicators and strategies in a familiar way.