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This page contains information on currently available versions of MultiCharts .NET. These are the latest official release and the beta version we are currently testing. As a rule, we send information about new versions to all customers and make announcements at the Discussion Forum and Blog section on our site. MultiCharts .NET also has an integrated version checker—so you always know if you have the latest version.


MultiCharts .NET 64-bit is available for downloading. Allowing you to engage more RAM, our 64-bit application enables the user to handle more charts, studies, and data.



Release date:
06 dec 2023
File size:
173 MB

What’s new

If you're upgrading, check the How to Update MultiCharts guide. 

For further instructions on using MultiCharts .NET use Online Help. If you still have any questions about MultiCharts .NET or need assistance, just contact our customer support team.

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