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How to Use Update Patch

From MultiCharts

To run the Update Patch go to Windows Start → MultiCharts folder or type “Update Patch” in the Windows search bar.

Update Patch Settings

  • Personal Key. Leave * in this field unless a key was provided by a support representative.
    Without a personal key the Update Patch will install all publicly available fixes and improvements.
  • Check Start MultiCharts after successful patch update to start the app automatically after the installation is finished.
  • Check Close App after successful patch update to close the Update Patch window after the installation is finished.


Click Update to start downloading and installing available updates.
The process can be monitored in the Update Patch Progress section and Update Patch Report window.

If there are any errors in the report, you can undo the installation by repairing MultiCharts: Windows Settings → Apps → MultiCharts → Uninstall → Next → Repair.