Latest Beta Works Well

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Latest Beta Works Well

Postby widgetman » 14 Oct 2006

The latest beta released seems to be much better than anything between 08/10/06 and now. Thanks for all the continued support and hard work from the development team.
I would like to get a update if I can on when some work will be but into the trade manager, and also automated trading. I would also like to request getting support for the CurrentAsk and CurrentBid commands. I tried them in the latest beta with a custom strategy I am developing, and still get a compile error. I use InsideAsk and InsideBid to substitute for now, but certain strategy commands will not work without CurrentAsk and CurrentBid.
Any input would be appreciated, and thanks again for a great product.

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Postby momentum » 14 Oct 2006

I second the praise and also would request that all current easylanguage be supported ASAP as I have many strategies and indicators that I want to bring over from TS.


Postby Guest » 15 Oct 2006

So just to confirm,
you guys have no major problem with the latest beta unlike the guys here

So the new beta is now stable enough for trading ?

I would like to be sure before upgrading.


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Postby momentum » 16 Oct 2006

The real answer to this depends upon what indicators, signalsm datafeed and workspaces you are using and what else you have running on the pc. I now first upgrade to a beta on my backup pc before I go "live" with a new beta.


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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 16 Oct 2006

Here's an .xml file containing the currentask and currentbid functions from TS, they should work fine.
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Postby Guest » 16 Oct 2006

momentum is right.

from my testing the success of the latest beta depends very much on a) what type of charts you use and b) datafeed.

a) my charts froze during regular trading hours and eventually all the price data disappeared. subsequent refresh/download fails to bring any of it back.

b) i also have IB data feeding some charts and the time to create new charts is still horrendously slow. the improvement appears to be the loading of existing IB charts which seems faster than before.

i have no choice but to return to version 865.

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