Integrate brokerage, Trade from chart,

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Integrate brokerage, Trade from chart,

Postby ybfjax » 16 Nov 2006

I thought I posted this a few days ago, but the post did not go through (that has happened a few times on this board. So let's see if I remember what I wrote.

1) Integrate brokerage data. The particular one I was referring to is . I would love to take their feed and create charts from it, similar to . This leads me to my second point.....

2) Trade from the chart capability. Of course, market depth (dome window) and the usual orders will be included. But the ability to place stops, limits, stop limits, automatic and manually updated bracket OCO and multiple scale in/out ocos directly on the chart.

I think I mentioned a third idea, but I cannot remember it.

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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 17 Nov 2006

We have already added the TransActFutures as a data source, soon a version including it will be released.

Various functions for trading from the chart will be added as development continues, expect to find a comprehensive set of trade tools in the future versions of MultiCharts

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