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Backtesting Edition

Need to work on your strategy without interrupting your live trading? We have just what you are looking for — MultiCharts Backtesting Edition. Now there’s no need to purchase an additional license for the full price for strategy development, backtesting, and optimization. Work on your trading ideas in the Power Language Editor, simulate them on historical data, make them even more effective with smart optimization tools.

With Backtesting Edition you get access to all the tools required for building and enhancing your strategies while your regular license is used for live trading on another machine. Backtesting edition has all that you need (and even more) for strategy development, backtesting, and optimization, which makes it a perfect solution for users who want a set of features for trading system development and analysis.

Full-featured MultiCharts version and Backtesting Edition are two separate products and configurations of the application, which means the Advanced Strategy Pack features included in BTE license will not work in Standard full-featured license.


BTE license Standard
license with ASP
Access to real-time data
Access to historical data
Historical Data Download Scheduler
Manual trading tools
Auto trading
Exhaustive and Genetic optimization
Walk-Forward and Matrix optimization
Portfolio live trading
Portfolio backtesting
Portfolio optimization
Order and Position Tracker
Forex Board