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Open Feature request MC-1190

0 Day Charting

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I am hoping to see this feature in future updates and therefore kindly explaining the following.
When using either Regular or Non-Regular charts, the Data Rage under Setting Tab default is set to 1 through 5,000,000. Now going back 5,000,000 days or some 20,000 trading years ^^ may be nice to have but for me, as I only day trade, I would like to have the chart start drawing for current day only. 
I know that I can set it to 1 but, this is not the same thing as it will bring up the previous day from the start of the day.
I know that I can I can use the Regular vs Non-Regular charts and use the "Bars" back option, but again, this is not the same thing, especially when I want to use the Non-Regular charts like PnF or some other.
By having the 0 days back capability, I would be able to not worry about "manually" setting up the From Date to Start Date to fix on the current date evey morning to accomplish this.
I look forward to your review. Thank you.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Please see attached. It should be self-explanatory. Or simply, bring up any chart and put 0 in the Data Range.

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