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October 12, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 18:49  Feature request MC-2611 - "User" or "Custom" tab in Insert studies
Roy (roydogan) : Issue created
Add a 4th tab called "User" or "Custom" in Insert Study that lists only Studies that the user created or the user imported that is not part of the standard list of studies in Multicharts.
i.e. "Indicator", "Signals", "Add-Ons" and "Custom"/"User".

1. This makes it easier for the user to manage and update their own custom studies (indicators, signals).
2. It saves the user time of having to go through all the studies to find a particular one they created
3. It is a better way to group studies rather than having to use a "workaround" and add prefixes to segregate ones custom studies to top of list or clustered somewhere.
It is not always practical to add add prefixes to study names to sort ones own custom studies to the top of the list.

It would be a simple feature to implement as user studies would have a property that would make them appear in standard tabs and exclusively in "Custom"/"User" tab in Insert Study window.
October 09, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 00:27  Bug report MC-2610 - Setting a signal input to blank (empty string) doesn't work
gkiff (gkiff) : Description updated
bug_report_tiny.png 00:25  Bug report MC-2610 - Setting a signal input to blank (empty string) doesn't work
gkiff (gkiff) : Issue created
When a string input is blanked out by the user, the empty string is not given to the signal, instead the previous non-empty value is used
September 30, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 06:20  Bug report MC-2606 - MC.Net 12 (Build 18187) When starting a workspace - hidden data stream causes indicator based on it, to not appear also
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Status changed: Under Review ⇒ Need Details
September 29, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 17:20  Feature request MC-2609 - make once keyword persist thru reloads & symbol changes
rrams (rrams) : Issue created
Please change the operation of the "Once" keyword to only execute the one time it is called per use in the current MultiCharts process instead of every time data is reloaded.

I understand "Once" needs to adhere to the EasyLanguage legacy meaning from where it originated, however:
1. It is trivial to program that same logic functionality of executing one time per new symbol or data reload (without "Once") using existing PowerLanguage boolean flags.
2. It is currently impossible to run a "CommandLine" statement in indicator code which will reload data on the chart without repeating in an infinite loop.
once CommandLine(".rld int = 1 day"); // executes constantly in indicator code, so why have it?
3. The intuitive lexical meaning of the word once does not contain a bunch of clauses where it is allowed to repeat after certain actions. Once means literally one time only.
4. There is no other way even using Global variables that will save state after chart reload or symbol change.
5. Making this change to "Once" is the easiest way to have variable memory persistance without having to add a whole new data type or other difficult change.
September 25, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 01:04  Feature request MC-2608 - Enhanced option for KASE-Bar
signalworks (signalworks) : Issue created
Kasebar is known to show almost real "Rangebars", with which there are no serious differences between backtest results and live results.
When casebars are generated, the tick exceeding the box size becomes the opening tick of the new casebar. I would like to add the option that this tick should be the last tick of the finished rangebar. Here is an indicator that shows both variants. #Range_Mode=1 is the classic (Kasebar implemented) bar mode. #RangeMode=0 shows the above desired option.

Could this be added as an option in the instrument dialog by MC at short notice?

see this topic in discussion-forum: https://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=52243

Thanks & regards
September 20, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 19:42  Feature request MC-2607 - Display object id in drawing properties
janus (janus) : Issue created
Right-clicking on a drawing object -> "Format xxx" ->"Properties" should also display the id of the selected object. It would be very useful when debugging code.
September 16, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 04:53  Bug report MC-2606 - MC.Net 12 (Build 18187) When starting a workspace - hidden data stream causes indicator based on it, to not appear also
John (johnromeronc) : Issue created
If I put an indicator in a sub chart and it is based on a hidden data stream, it also does not appear, as if it is hidden. Changing data from hidden on any subchart , then OK, then I can go back in and return data to hidden and indicator stays visible. for the rest of the time. Until next time I load work space, either because of complete MC.Net reload, or close workspace and reopen.

September 09, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 02:49  Feature request MC-2605 - additions to doc and updates idea -- Suggestions I think would be helpful for others
John (johnromeronc) : Issue created
As I am trying to get better at c# as it is implemented in MC.Net, I keep finding info over here, and over there.

0 - Update the Programming reference manual. It looks like back in 2015 and ver 1.2 of the doc. It is missing a lot of the newer capabilities. Or maybe I just missed them. What I think would be helpful is that instead of putting the info about new things is to put them in the programming guide and point the blog has only having a title / 1 liner about the change / addition and then link to the page section of the programmers guide. This way we see the change and can see how it relates / fits in. Also, I would like to see in a column off to the right, be a field that is either a-> the date added or b-> version # when the info / feature / API was added/changed/ enhanced.
1 - I would really like to see the help file which starts from the Editor to have many more snippet examples.
2 - to have that as a 2nd example up in the WiKi . 4.7.6 Volume Profile.
3 - Also would it be helpful to have the structures - Iprofile and ILevel also listed in the following area? Collections Elements - with the other collections / data structures
4 - A wish ->-> is to have many more examples, snippets, to be included in the supplied indicators , studies ... They could be in a sub folder to distinguish from other type of code. They could come from your test cases. Maybe even take all of the supplied solutions you provide while responding to users on the forum, Add all of those things to the User Contributed section. It would save a lot of time digging through the forums, looking for code.

Any way - it is a journey as I am self learning C#. I have an old programming degree, and no formal learning on OO, just online stuff. I like the Msft Bob Tabor lessons on C# general stuff. For examples of things specific to MC.Net, where is the best place to find examples? As a resource I use Visual Studio and the ability to search entire solution. So I search on possible keywords involved in whatever I am looking for. ex - VolumeProfile. If I find a match, I look at it as a example.

September 06, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 03:53  Feature request MC-2604 - Stop/Limit Price Emulation only within the custom session template
Paulmako Lee (Paulmako Lee) : Issue created
It is common for auto-trading that the trader trades several strategies of different instruments using different trading sessions (custom session templates). The traders normally switch on Multicharts for trading once a day or once a week (even once a month) and keep Multicharts running for days and weeks without turn-off the strategies. Currently, Multicharts send strategy orders wither directly to brokers or emulate locally until the price is touched and then sent market orders to the brokers. With the Emulate Locally function today it still possible that the stop/limit orders will be filled outside the session time if the price is touched outside the session template. And this is normally not what the strategy wanted.
So if Multicharts can further emhance the Emulate Locally function to have it only emulate the prices within the session template time, and not perform the emulation function when outside the session template time. This would be very useful and appreciated by auto-traders.
With this function, it actually make the backtesting result in line with the real trading result (the backtesting result will not have any order fill outside the session template).

Please consider this and make it happen as soon as possible.


Paulmako Lee
August 30, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 04:04  Feature request MC-2603 - Get stocks fundamental data
Safa (bruno_safa) : Issue created
Multicharts lacks the ability to get stocks fundamental data and use that data to run screens, develop and trade stock strategies based on their fundamentals.
feature_request_tiny.png 04:01  Feature request MC-2602 - Test strategies on a portfolio of stocks
Safa (bruno_safa) : Issue created
It would be great to be able to test a strategy in all S&P 500 stocks for instance without having to add each one of them to the Portfolio Trader manually.
August 28, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 18:03  Feature request MC-2601 - Fibonacci Tool Improvements
rsloboda (rsloboda) : Issue created
**Concept Summary**: 1.) Make it much easier to apply using newly developed custom volume profile principle ( algorithm) 2. ) Divide the list of lines into sections (e.g "set 1 "and "set 2" "set3" ) so user has separate default settings for projections and separate list for retracements and may be another custom list for other needs

Rationale/Logic on point 1: This is one of the most commonly used tool by traders. I have applied these fib lines thousand ans thousand of times. From this cumulative experience can tell one thing. Charts are often crowded with drawings an tools, also there wicks that are often hard to see and one has to strain the eyes to see them and to see which one is higher or lower. Even when clearly visible you have to click on that high or low, often I miss it, them you draw it across, also need to make sure it is correct and make adjustments as necessary by clicking and dragging. Ok , it always been like this. Now, I had a chance to try Volume Profile Tool in Beta version 14 and the way we apply this tool is much simpler, just drag across from left to right over needed range, software finds high and lows and draws profile. I though, once we have this technology why not use it for fib tool as well. No significant new resources required for development. This would be a sheer joy to use if Fib tool could be applied the same way: Just drag from left to right over needed range and software find high and lows. Then if trader needs it he can select and adjust the reference range ( from my experience in 99% of cases that would not be needed). Time is better spent on thinking rather then clicking.

Rationale/Logic on point 2: This one is much more significant. Will need to share my practical experience to make this point. When there is a trend in place I use fib retracements. When range in place I use Fib projections. There are needed appearance settings and numbers for every type. So typically I use fib projections and whenever I need retracements I draw the range as described in above paragraph and then change every line including numbers and appearance settings. I would assume the same goes for every other trader. Thousand of human hours go into clicking. What is needed is TWO TYPES OF DEFAULT SETTING (better 3). I am sure this will be highly appreciated by traders. How to practically implement this Multicharts experts are in a better positron to suggest. I thought about two types of default settings ( like dividing the list into two sections and have a box to tick next to each like "set 1" and "set 2" or whatever. The other way is to enable the user customize toolbars to have two instances of Fib tool on the tool bar so there are separate default setting for each. Small things but practically huge time savings over the years. ( this is actually annoying to change it every time so I often skip applying retracemets due this reason: cannot be bothered going thru the process. Think about scalpers: do they have time to go thru the process? Tried short term trading. This is where good tools that can be applied with one click are absolutely critical as there is just no time to play with the settings.

Thank you.

August 19, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 06:12  Feature request MC-2600 - load chart / symbol by tick as an option for indicators to access as they load - similar to Bar Magnifier and Volume Profile
John (johnromeronc) : Issue created
There are instances when you can not load an indicator by tick, it takes some # of bars to be correct when loading each historical bar @ close and then real-time comes in by tick.

In one particular case, I have an indicator that does net buy / sell volume. It is crazy to think the volume for each historical bar is either all buy or all sell. But if I only get the historical bars loading @ close then that has to be the assumption. Once Data starts to come in real time and each tick / trade is read, then things start to look more realistic.

This is very problematic if I need to reload a chart / symbol during the day. In Ninja Trader 8 there is check box on the symbol details window of the chart that can be checked to load / reload data by tick.

I think this is similar to what is currently available for "Strategy" - Bar Magnifier.

Also, I use Volume Profile. As you might imagine, it shows data being loaded by tick to get the volume profile correct. What can't this ability be extended to indicators?

John Romero
August 16, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 01:55  Feature request MC-2599 - Alert when continuous contracts rollover
Admin (administrator) : Status changed: Under Review ⇒ Confirmed
feature_request_tiny.png 01:55  Feature request MC-2599 - Alert when continuous contracts rollover
Admin (administrator) : Percent completed: 0% ⇒ 10
August 15, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 11:51  Feature request MC-2599 - Alert when continuous contracts rollover
janus (janus) : Issue created
At the moment when a custom continuous contract rolls over automatically one has to update manually the symbol mapping to trade with the new symbol . Although it would nice if this was automatic too, at least we should see an alert pop up when the rollover occurs to avoid the invalid mapping issue when an order is placed.
July 10, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 06:30  Feature request MC-2598 - Strategy Automation: Require Order Confirmation enhancement
I would like to see 2 additional options for the Require Order Confirmation checkbox:
[ ] Only if Marketposition is [ ] non-zero [ ] zero [ ] Either One (mutually exclusive choices)
Automatically Close Confirmation Dialog box after [xxxx] seconds with [ ] automation order ignored [ ] order submitted (mutually exclusive options)

This provides for more flexibility in cases where semi-automation is desired.
For instance, I want to have automation put me into a trade without confirmation, but I want a confirmation when an exit is called for.
feature_request_tiny.png 06:19  Feature request MC-2597 - Summary Performance report - request for net income/net loss line item
The Summary Performance report provides for only the gross income / gross loss of the trading period as a single line item.
I would like to see the estimated commissions charges included as a line item as well as a NET INCOME / NET LOSS line item computed by subtracting the estimated commission charges from the gross income/gross loss.
July 05, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 04:24  Feature request MC-2596 - Access to contingent/OCO orders via TradeManager interface before the initial order is filled
jarym (jarym) : Issue created
I'm using the TradeManager interface to keep track of my orders and positions to monitor risk. I've found that at least with PaperTrader, I can see new orders but if there's an attached Profit / Stop order then these only appear after the initial entry order has been filled. Further, while OCOGroupId exists so I can see which orders are part of the same group, I am not able to see which order triggered the OCO order.

This prevents me from assessing risk at the point orders are placed. It is really essential for me if there was a way that for any sent/submitted order to check what any attached exit orders are before the initial order is filled.

I suggest that maybe:
# The TradeManager.Order structure be enhanced to include a list of any contingent orders and that a mechanism exists to query/obtain details about these orders.
# When an OCO order finally appears via the TradeManager order events API, it includes a reference to the OrderID that triggered the submission.
July 01, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 13:32  Feature request MC-2595 - Make line parallel to...
esbee (esbee) : Issue created
I am also a Sierra chart user and find the software has a ton of useful drawing tools.

One of them is the ability to make a line automatically parallel to other drawing tools (another line, a pitchfork, a channel or so).

It would be amazing, if MC could have the same feature!
feature_request_tiny.png 13:29  Feature request MC-2594 - Easily transform Pitchforks
esbee (esbee) : Issue created
Currently we can draw 3 pitchforks: traditional, Schiff and modified Schiff.

However when one wants to change the pitchfork, from traditional to modified Schiff for example, he has to delete the drawing, select the new one and redraw the fork.

Please add a dropdown or radio buttons in the property window of the pitchfork that allows to easily switch the pitchfork's type. That would make things much easier!

Thanks :)
feature_request_tiny.png 13:23  Feature request MC-2593 - Drawing tools - Please make those %$&@#(#&$^ tiny square handles bigger and easier to grab
esbee (esbee) : Issue created
These small squares are just too difficult to grab with a mouse click.

How many times did I want to change a drawing, but moved it instead?

It is terribly annoying!
feature_request_tiny.png 02:54  Feature request MC-2592 - Multi-broker manual entry
sstheo (sstheo) : Issue created
I would like to have my manual entry trades automatically executed on more than one brokerage account. I have 2, but may soon even have 3 live accounts for which I'd like to take the same exact trades on, including stops and targets. Volfix and InteractiveBrokers offer this. Thanks.
June 04, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 07:31  Feature request MC-2591 - BetterData Handling for Portfolio Backtest
rien (rien) : Issue created
**The portfolio backtest is not suitable for event strategy backtesting because all the data over the date range is first loaded and then it is going to run the backtest.
This causes slow backtests and very high RAM usage (when used on a lot of stocks).**

### Solution #1:
1. Per ticker load the dates that it is allowed to trade (via indicator).
2. Calculate the data range that is needed per day.
3. Only load this data range in the backtest.
4. Calculate over ticker.
5. Done

### Solution #2:
1. Specific Date Ranges per strategy group.
2. Option to test each strategy group automatically AFTER each other to avoid RAM overload.
May 22, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 08:50  Bug report MC-2585 - Open Position shows NEGATIVE TICKS on CHART and POSITIVE CASH on ORDER AND POSITION TRACKER
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Status changed: Under Review ⇒ Need Details
May 17, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 10:18  Feature request MC-2590 - Use IQFeed Symbol Refresh on Rolling Futures Contracts
TrendFirst (TrendFirst) : Issue created
I've posted this topic in the discussion forum, re-posting the issue here as a feature request.

[Your text to link here...](https://www.multicharts.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=51896 "Rolling Crude Futures")

During a futures contract roll, the IQFeed symbol database refresh happens overnight, as they have millions of symbol updates to do and that is the only practical way to do it. This takes a period of hours, and during this time the symbol shown in an MC chart is the old symbol, while the data shown in an MC chart is the new data. This can be confusing to a trader that is executing trades during this period. If I do a symbol search in MC during this symbol updating process, it will still show the old contract, even tho the data in the chart is the new contract. This is only an issue for a matter of hours, and by the next morning the symbol database, symbol in the chart, and the data are correct and match.

It is possible to use a symbol refresh that IQFeed sends with the new contract data, and show the symbol for the new contract immediately, along with the new contract data. MC currently retrieves the symbol from the symbol database, and while the database is being refreshed, MC will pull and display the old symbol. I would suggest that MC be modified to use the new symbol that is sent immediately with the new data, rather than pulling from the symbol database.

Thanks for considering my request.
May 15, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 18:54  Feature request MC-2589 - "Sort and Filter" Function in "List of Trades" of Performance Report
ragdoll (ragdoll) : Issue created
We develop new strategies on Multicharts. After back testing on several years history, there usually will be thousands of trades listed in the "List of Trades" of Performance Report. Currently, the functionality of "Go To:" is quite limited. We have to export that list to excel and do some job by the "sort and filter" in excel to find the specific trades we want to check. Would you please help to provide that function in the "List of Trades"? That will facilitate much of our strategy development work.
May 14, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 08:51  Bug report MC-2586 - Programmatically-drawn rectangles do not display in the correct UI layer when not based on data1
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Status changed: Under Review ⇒ Not a bug
May 13, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 05:44  Feature request MC-2588 - Add style templates for signals
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Issue created
Configuring the style settings for entries, exits and connecting lines for each of the numerous signals can be very time consuming.
We consider adding a possibility of creating sets of settings/style templates for the signals to facilitate this process. Once created these templates will be available for each signal.
May 09, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 03:19  Feature request MC-2587 - Percentage Chart
Safa (bruno_safa) : Issue created
It would be great if MC had the ability to load percentage charts like TS does.
May 08, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 12:53  Bug report MC-2586 - Programmatically-drawn rectangles do not display in the correct UI layer when not based on data1
pburich (pburich1) : Issue created
When rectangles (and probably ellipses as well) are drawn by an indicator based on a datastream > data1, the UI layer to which they are assigned visually supersedes manually-drawn 2-dimensional objects (rectangles and ellipses). This makes it hard to annotate charts to share with others since a rectangle or ellipse drawn to highlight an area of interest on the chart disappears behind any programmatically drawn 2-dimensional objects.

This behavior is not observed for 1-dimensional objects, so the lack of consistency would suggest a minor bug vs. a new feature request.

May 07, 2019
bug_report_tiny.png 02:51  Bug report MC-2585 - Open Position shows NEGATIVE TICKS on CHART and POSITIVE CASH on ORDER AND POSITION TRACKER
WildWex (gwexler) : Issue created
I have a number of charts open as well as open positions on those charts. Often, I see that the position reflects a negative number of ticks suggesting a loss vs. a positive amount of open position cash (unrealized profit). I've *attached* an image for your review.

Release: Multicharts64 version 12.0 Relese (Build 18038)

attachment: https://cl.ly/42d9254d7595

May 03, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 03:48  Feature request MC-2584 - Improvements for strategy position (total per underlying)
endystrike (andrea_nebiolo) : Issue created
Please give the possibility to check if the sum of all theorical position on an underlying matches with the broker position on that underlying.
For example, I have 6 systems on CLM9:
sys 1: long +1
sys 2: flat 0
sys 3: short -2
sys 4: long+4
sys 5: long +3
sys 6: long +1

at this point I'd have to manually do the sum and check if the sum is aligned with the broker position that in this case should be = 1+0-2+4+3+1 = +7
May 02, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 20:23  Feature request MC-2583 - Power Language-Chart Trading Panel extension
Having the ability to control certain aspects of the Chart Trading Panel from within Power Language.
I would like the ability to:
1) disable Buy/Sell buttons under certain conditions
2) set the # of contracts based on market volatility
Right now this has to be done manually....and you know how that goes.

I am constantly finding myself getting out of winning positions too early ...and want to disable the sell/buy based on my position until the market trend changes. This is a huge problem for me right now.
Also, I find myself trading the same number of contracts regardless of market volatility conditions. I'd like to set the default number of contracts based on a volatility measure. I am constantly having to change the default # of contracts in the trading panel. It would be great if the software could do it from an indicator or signal.

Here are some ideas for implementation:
Remember: With PowerLanguage any and all kinds of logic can be applied.
Setting the bet-size based on current volatility makes a lot of sense.

So all we need is a few getters and setters: CTP = Chart Trading Panel
v1 = CTPGetBuyButtonStatus; // returns true/false
v1 = CTPGetSellButtonStatus; // returns true/false
s1 = CTPSetBuyButtonStatus(boolean True/False); // true = enabled
s1 = CTPSetSellButtonStatus(boolean True/False); // true = enabled

v1 = CTPGetQty; // returns current size
s1 = CTPSetQty(long ); // sets current size

Wow, this would be a huge improvement for those who are semi-automated traders (like me !!).
feature_request_tiny.png 20:16  Feature request MC-2582 - Enhance Powerlanguage to support more robust Alerts
I use Alerts a lot..and that's the problem....they all look the same and distinguishing them clearly in rapidly moving markets (think E-Mini) becomes difficult....even with sounds.
I wonder how difficult it would be for MC Engineers to provide an extension for Alerts to be able to change:
1) background color
2) Font type, size, and color
3) Placement on screen
4) allow embedded images

In this manner with these features certain Alerts would stand out from others.
April 22, 2019
feature_request_tiny.png 22:40  Feature request MC-2581 - Volume Delta charts colour shading
Al3cs (al3cs) : Issue created
I noticed that colour shading in Volume Delta Charts is only based on relative values inside single rotation.
I think it is far better to consider prevoius rotations values too for colour shading.
In this way you can fast spot on relative changes in market values, in the same way most of others charting softwares does.

feature_request_tiny.png 02:55  Feature request MC-2575 - Show WICKS on LINE BREAK charts
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Status changed: Under Review ⇒ Confirmed
feature_request_tiny.png 02:55  Feature request MC-2575 - Show WICKS on LINE BREAK charts
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Target milestone changed: Not determined ⇒ MultiCharts 13
feature_request_tiny.png 02:55  Feature request MC-2575 - Show WICKS on LINE BREAK charts
MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts) : Status changed: Postponed ⇒ Under Review
August 08, 2018
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August 10, 2017
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