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Open Feature request MC-1203

Market Replay hotkeys

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I would like to suggest having hotkeys for the market replay playback controls.
Currently, it is necessary to use the on screen button with the mouse to click through the data step by step. Also, to adjust the step size in a pulldown menu before clicking through. This can be tedious if going through large amounts of data in a backtesting session.
I have in the past used a screen recorder to record charts for a very crude market replay. The media program KMplayer made the process of navigating a replay file very intuitive and simple. This same type of navigation method could be used to make the Multicharts market replay navigation more powerful and intuitive.
The program allows for hotkeys to navigate in this manner:
1) Being able to assign step forward/backwards hotkeys, also to be able to set step actions for a mouse wheel.
2) Being able to set the step size for the step hotkey or wheel action.
So to be able to set hotkey/wheel action to x time amount step per click or movement.
For example: Set (1 movement forward on the mouse wheel) to 5 sec step forward on the data. Set (ctrl button) + (1 movement forward on the mouse wheel) to 30 sec step forward in the data. Etc.
Therefore, when the market is slow, you can use the higher time steps and immediately switch to slow time steps when you notice a faster market.
Movement of the charts in this manner would be independent of where the mouse pointer is. So you don't have to constantly switch mouse cursor position from the step button to the charts for more detailed information on price or indicator values.
I feel like this would greatly improve the usability of the market replay. This would be much better than any of the other competing market replay systems I have tested so far and I would be very interested if you could add this.

Steps to reproduce this issue

If interested in how kmplayer does this. In KMplayer, Right click>Options>Preferences>Click to drop down General Menu>Playback and Keyboard/Mouse.
There you can see step interval settings and mouse wheel setting.

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