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Open Feature request MC-1215

chart trading automated trade managment

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I'm thrilled with MC.NET so much that I bought it! Now that you have real volume profile with 8.2 beta release I am convinced that I made a great choice in Multicharts and that your software and architecture teams are first rate. 
I have only one complaint so far, and sorry to mention it this way but your DOM and chart trading panel use icons for formating entry and exit orders. I'm finding that I like them less and less the more I use them and would really just like to see something more like what TOS uses with their active trader panel. I've used something similar to this with Tradestation as well and find that it's cleaner to have all of the numbers available on the panel when you select a strategy. With your panel I first have to find the correct preset icon and then apply it. I don't mind the icons so much but I have to remember which icon I've pre-programmed to what instrument. Selecting the wrong icon is a big mistake when comparing 6E pips and ES ticks as the stops and targets are very different.
Please consider redesigning your automated trading panel to be more user freindly.
See attached picture for example of an extremely well done trade management panel (right side of the chart with the integrated DOM)

Best regards

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user-offline.png  dtl-saw (dtl-saw)
Jan 11, 2013 - 12:45

I meant 8.5 beta 2 instead of 8.2 beta

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