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Drawing Bugs & Better, More Useful Alerts?

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I am seeing odd behavior with drawings and alerts.  For example, when I click on a stock and bring up the chart in a linked chart window, trendline alerts often appear - but there are no lines on the chart.
Also, a drawing that I placed on a specific stock chart will show up on other stock charts.  This happens especially when the drawings are on secondary windows in the chart, such as MACD.
I opened the Format Objects dialog, and noticed only one item listed under the Instruments tab.  But 108 drawings were listed under the Drawings tab.  It seems your system for tracking instruments and drawings gets confused, and places the incorrect drawings on stock charts where they don't belong.
Now in regard to alerts - in my opinion, as currently implemented they really aren't useful.  They only alert you if the chart is active, which makes no sense to me.  If I have the chart active, that means I am looking at it, and I don't need an alert.  It's when the chart is not visible, not active, that I need an alert.
So for now, I am disabling all Multichart alerts.  If I need an alert I set it in my broker platform, where they are actually useful.
I am also going to clear all my drawings and redraw them - all 108 or so - and see if  that clears up the problem with false alerts.  Hopefully it will.

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self explanatory

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user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Oct 31, 2018 - 22:49
Hello TrendFirst,

1) This can happen when you've changed the Visual Order of the objects on the charts and the drawings are now “based” on the study, not on the instrument. You can go to Format->Drawings -> "Base data #" column to check that. If study name is shown under this column, then the drawings will be displayed as long as the study is active on the chart, disregard the selected instrument. To change that, click on the instrument name->Send to back. Now all new drawings you place will be based on the instrument and will be hidden when you change the instrument. 2) Alerts are displayed for all charts, not only for the active chart.
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