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Open Feature request MC-1908

Strategy Development Wizard - to provide a nice starting point for your Strategy Development

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I've been inspired in thie FR from the Ninjatrader strategy (NinjaTrader->Tools->NinjaScript->Strategy) wizzard which is a great starting point in building the basis of a strategy.
The NT Wizzard provides some nice and extensive options like:
- Define custom inputs
- Define Conditions & Actions (to do when all conditions in a Set are true)
- Within the "Condition Builder", one can use multiple items, like:
    *) Indicators
    *) Miscelarious items like: Bars since entry/exit, Cross above/below, Data-Series, Highest/Lowest Bar, Session Break, Slope, etc
    *) Price Data info
    *) Strategy details (like current-position-size, flat, long, short, Realized/Unrealized PNL
    *) Time info (Date value, time-series, Time value)
    *) User Defined Inputs
    *) User Variables
With a little innovation, I believe such a wizzard could be improved, by implementing more powerful wizzard options. One idea would be to add to the wizzard access to the Order Entries & Exit Strategy Types MC offers by default.
Other ideas would be to add built-in support for multiple time-frames within the wizzard options, or to incorporate access to portfolio trading capabilities.
These would make much easier for the user - building the core of a powerful strategy that could be further enhanced but custom programming.

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user-offline.png  Black Wood (Id2)
Jun 29, 2016 - 01:26

I assume that you would want the code generated in either PowerLanguage or C#, upon request...

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