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Open Feature request MC-2003

Add an instant BE (breakeven) button to main interface of DOM

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At the moment we have a breakeven strategy and a master strategy that includes some form of breakeven positioning.
I would like a button actually on the DOM itself that immediately moved the stop to breakeven (+ whatever ticks would cover commission).
This would match competitor DOMs such as that provided by SierraChart.

It would be very useful and increase performance in fast moving markets where the hypothesis for your trade can become invalidated very quickly and you need to move quickly to ensure you are protected but not necessarily exit the trade immediately

Steps to reproduce this issue

If you are in a trade and slightly ahead but then your reason for entering the trade is invalidated it takes several seconds to add the breakeven strategy to your open position, especially if the price you entered on is not currently within the DOM visible price range on the screen (ie it is much harder to drag the BE strategy onto the open position in this circumstance).

If you had an instantaneous button it would dramatically reduce the time taken to protect your capital in that scenario.

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