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Open Feature request MC-2243

New way to vertically scale price-like user indicators: "Scale Indicator Fields to Screen"

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This request concerns adding a new method to vertically scale user indicators, so important fields remain visible with maximum vertical enlargement, while less important fields of greater vertical extent are clipped at the top and bottom edges of the pane.

The studies I am thinking about behave like symbols: they have the equivalent of a price graph, which is important and should be at maximum vertical enlargement, and also band fields of greater vertical extent, that can be clipped.

I have no opinion about whether this idea become a new scaling method, e.g., "Scale Indicator Fields to Screen," or just an option in the existing "Screen" scaling method.

One way to implement this change in the MultiCharts UI follows.

On an indicator's Scaling tab, in the blank area below "Scaling Type", add two list boxes marked "High" and "Low". The content of the list boxes is initially "Consider All Fields.". The user can pick any of the indicator's plotted fields from the dropdown button that is part of the list box. While the list boxes contain "Consider All Fields," program behavior will remain as it is now: all study fields will be considered in the vertical scaling calculation. When the user supplies actual indicator fields as "High" and "Low", only those fields will be considered when scaling vertically. Other indicator fields will be clipped if their vertical extent is greater.

It's expected that study fields used for "High" and "Low" may have negative values.

The margin fields should continue to be functional as they are in the "Screen" scaling method.

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user-offline.png  MikeCondra (mikecondra)
Jul 25, 2017 - 23:07

Another way to state the request:

User-Configurable Vertical Scaling for Indicators

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