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Open Bug report MC-2258

MC downloads one extra quote per week when building Weekly bars from minutes (IB)

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MC downloads one extra quote per week when building Weekly bars from minutes (IB),
despite the data exist in the database for the requested session times.

! I thought that the issue might be with the first IDEALPro 17:15 minute - which gets downloaded if it hadn't been previously (i.e. if sessions started from 17:16).
But when I set instrument session template to start from 17:15, downloaded/saved all missing data and tried to build Weekly bars from minutes, MC again went into "Establishing connection mode" and started to request those mysterious 1 mins.
And these takes a looong time.
But as I could see in QM, it actually did not receive anything! Requested, but there has been no "sending"..

Steps to reproduce this issue

1) Set session settings for IDEALPro: 17:16-17:00 Sun-Fri
1.1) set instrument session template=Use Exchange and ECN settings
2) Download minute data for a currency (say, for 1 year) - e.g. set 5min resolution on the chart - with the Default session template
3) Exit MC to save data
4) Re-open the same chart
5) Change data resolution to 1Day (build from minutes) - with the same Default session template
6) Daily Data is displayed OK; QM - does not try to download any data

7) Change resolution to 1 Week (build from minutes) - same Default session template

8) Chart is hanging up in "Establishing connection" and QM requests data and downloads 1 min per day

What's this 1 extra min?

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