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Open Bug report MC-2302

Universal DDE: ask and bid data are not collected, instead collects trade data multiple time

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Version: MultiCharts .NET64 Version 11.0 Release (Build 14738)

If Excel is used as a DDE server, Quote Manager Universal DDE does not collect Ask and Bid data, instead it collects Trade data for Ask and Bid update(change) notification.
But in Scanner Watch window, you can see Bid price and Ask price.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. create Data Source cloned from Universal DDE like the following


  1. create symbol named R1 and data source made above.

  2. put attached two files at c:\

  3. run attached excel_dde program, click Start Excel, after two excel file launched, connect the symbol made above

  4. launch a scanner watch list window and add the symbol made above

  5. click WritePrice, wait a while , click Stop Price

In scanner window, you can see Ask price and Bid price and Trade price.
But, Edit Data of the symbol shows only trade data, same tick 3 times,
It has collected trade 3 times.

Comments (15)
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 11, 2017 - 23:42

star character must have some special meaning in this editor. It is missing in view.
There are * between ! and C above DDE items.

user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 11, 2017 - 23:44
A file was uploaded. excel_dde.zipicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 11, 2017 - 23:46
A file was uploaded. DDE_Symbol_1.xlsxicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 11, 2017 - 23:46
A file was uploaded. DDE_Symbol_2.xlsxicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 11, 2017 - 23:57
A file was uploaded. ok_button5.wmvicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 13, 2017 - 06:13

Currently, I think there's no way to make DDE symbol which collect trade, ask, bid and uses excel as DDE server.

I have one DDE symbol (named DDESymbol1) which was made with version 11 beta 2 which use excel as DDE server.
In this version, it still works fine, collecting trade, ask, bid.

I followed the same procedure I made DDESymbol1 for new DDESymbol3
The differences are,

when I click OK button of "Universal DDE" window,

version 11 beta 2: silent, no error popup, but does not close "Universal DDE window", can close window by clicking upper right X buton(window close button)
version 11 : error popup, looking for * in item name, ok to this popup, and close "Universal DDE window" by clicking upper right X buton(window close button)

when I click "connect symbol",

version 11 beta2: change to "ON"
version 11: this new symbol shows error pop up error message "Data feed could'nt be loaded.", but closing all MC application and restart can make this symbol On/Off as I selected.

Quote Manager Results are different

version 11 beta 2: collected ask, bid , trade
version 11: collected trade only

I would like to know if ther's workaround for making DDE symbol which use excel as DDE server and collect ask bid trade data.
If there's no workaround, then a patch or version 12 beta.

Info related to this problem.


user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Aug 15, 2017 - 21:40
1. Only data, selected in the settings of the instrument is collected into the database. What you see in the Scanner columns (Ask and Bid) is the data from the Status Line, that is never saved in the database. In the database you see 3 ticks of Trade data only because your data is fed incorrectly by your application. We have tested it on our end and it collects only 1 Trade tick.
Collect real-time data in QuoteManager by enabling all the required fields:

2. "version 11 : error popup, looking for * in item name, ok to this popup, and close "Universal DDE window" by clicking upper right X buton(window close button)" - this issue was not reproduced on our end, please provide the exact steps. It might happen, if you closed MC and all its processes were ended before you run it again.
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
icon_reply.pngAug 16, 09:21, in reply to comment #7
I download test program and excel file from here and retested.

Two screen recording are attached. Repro1 shows detailed procedure and the result, collecting 3 times. Repro2 shows OK button is requesting * almost unconditionally.

There was my mistake of leaving "Fields to Collect" of Quote Manager as default. I configured it to collect Trade, Ask, Bid. The result was that it collected trade, ask, bid, but trade was collected 3 times, ask, bid the same. Trade price pair (R1C1, R1C2). Bid pair (R1C3, R1C4), Ask pair (R1C5, R1C6) in one sheet must have relation to this problem. If I put these pairs to different sheets of their own(sheet1, sheet2, sheet3 for Trade, Bid, Ask), then each collected 1 time.

I wonder if these behaviors are by design or bug. If it is by design, then documentation should include a statement, "When using excel as dde server, do not put pairs in one row, the only choice is put them in different sheet of same row, since Rn should be the same for Trade, Ask, Bid".

If OK button do not look for *, then I can name symbol whatever I want, and put pairs anywhere in the excel.

user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 16, 2017 - 09:27
A file was uploaded. Repro1.wmvicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 16, 2017 - 09:27
A file was uploaded. Repro2.wmvicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Aug 16, 2017 - 21:24
1. This issue is related to your application, that you use for sending data, it is working incorrectly. It might not be visible in Excel, but is incorrect in MC, as they are working with data differently. The easiest test will be to manually type in Excel 1, 2, 3 for each cell and make sure that each value is coming into MC and only once.

2. Once you change any data feed settings, or especially create a new data feed (for example, a new DDE data feed) it is always required to completely restart MultiCharts and all its processes. In case it is done properly, no error messages will appear.
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
icon_reply.pngAug 17, 02:30, in reply to comment #11
I did manually typed in excel cells, the result still confirms that trade, ask, bid were collected each 3 times. I attached "Manual Typing.wmv" which recorded my manual typing and the result. I launched 3 charts each displaying Trade, Bid, Ask. After typing, I shutdown MC and relaunch QuoteManger.

I think this is a bug. we can see that there are 3 change nofication cells, all price cells. Change of Trade price cell caused Ask and Bid collected. Then it must be a bug, or by design(?)

user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
Aug 17, 2017 - 02:31
A file was uploaded. Manual Typing.wmvicon_open_new.png
user-offline.png  Khitan (chi jeongki)
icon_reply.pngAug 17, 03:17, in reply to comment #11
Anyway, I can create DDE symbol collecting Trade, Ask, Bid by spliting these into seperate sheets, as I mentioned. Symbol names R1, R2, .... are not so good, but I can use them, if OK button insists on using * in item name. So, let's close this problem.

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Aug 17, 2017 - 17:34
We will test it once again and let you know.
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