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Open Feature request MC-2596

Access to contingent/OCO orders via TradeManager interface before the initial order is filled

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I'm using the TradeManager interface to keep track of my orders and positions to monitor risk. I've found that at least with PaperTrader, I can see new orders but if there's an attached Profit / Stop order then these only appear after the initial entry order has been filled. Further, while OCOGroupId exists so I can see which orders are part of the same group, I am not able to see which order triggered the OCO order.

This prevents me from assessing risk at the point orders are placed. It is really essential for me if there was a way that for any sent/submitted order to check what any attached exit orders are before the initial order is filled.

I suggest that maybe:

The TradeManager.Order structure be enhanced to include a list of any contingent orders and that a mechanism exists to query/obtain details about these orders.

When an OCO order finally appears via the TradeManager order events API, it includes a reference to the OrderID that triggered the submission.

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