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Open Feature request MC-2656

Background dragging activation with a spacebar

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The most inconvenient thing of MC comparing to competitors is chart moving and scaling (zooming). Charts management feels so much different in comparison to newer software., And it's not about different program languages. Make it work like in TradingView, where you moving a chart by default holding a right mouse button. Make possible to scale/zoom charts with mouse wheel. Currently chart management feels like we are in 1994. Especially when you use mouse wheel in attempt to zoom it, and when wait for minute while it scrolls somewhere to the left.

If you don't think so just make "background dragging" activation by pressing spacebar. Kitten is killed every time when MC users switching between background dragging button and default arrow.

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user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Aug 13, 2020 - 13:19

In MultiCharts there are plenty of opportunities to navigate the chart.

To scroll the chart you can use the following options: Press Space and drag the chart using the mouse button; Ctrl + dragging on the Price Scale will scroll vertically; Ctrl + dragging on the Time Scale will scroll horizontally; You can also navigate using arrows and PageUp, PageDown, Home, End buttons on keyboard.

Pressing and dragging on the Price Scale will compress and expand the Price Scale. Pressing and dragging on the Time Scale will increase/decrease bar spacing.

To zooom in/out, use Ctrl + scroll.

For background dragging, position the mouse pointer over a data series; hold the mouse button and drag the chart to the right or to the left;

You can check our wiki pages for more info:
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