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Open Bug report MC-2668

Chart Background Dragging changes the Chart's X-Time-Scale Bars Chart Shift Setting

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Hi, I use chart X-Time-Scale bar spacing of 2 (default) and Chart-Shift of 30 Bars on my 1 second bar chart. I also use a fixed bar spacing of 12 on all the other charts on my workspace. Having this specific chart shift is critical for my trading because I run several scripts on all 7 chart that display text codes out front that have a variety of interactive functions using the MC_Text_GetActive commands. On one second bars the spacing is wider because I also display short horizontal lines out front to show me the current bid and ask prices.

I don't think I am the only client you have that does this because I have put my interactive programming script logic out on your website so others can use it. They are more likely to use it for discretionary trading but there really is no reason they can't find a use for it while doing full system trading.

Unfortunately when I use the Background-Dragging tool to line up the 1 second bars to match the other charts when I want to save the charts image to a png file the 1 second bar chart X-Time-Scale Bars Chart Shift Setting gets changed to a smaller value such that I can not fully see the text codes out front, I typically forget to reset it immediately after I drag the one second bar chart and during live trading when I want to click on the interactive text code I have to go in and reset the bar spacing back to 30. It would be great if it could be fixed so it leaves this X-Time-Scale Bars spacing alone or resets it to the prior value when the Background dragging hand us clicked again to turn background dragging off.


Steps to reproduce this issue

Not hard to reproduce.

Set the chart's "X-Time scale" to 30 after you choose "Bars".
Depress the Chart Dragging tool.
Drag the chart around a bit so that the historic bars are the only bars showing.
Click the Chart Dragging tool again to turn off chart dragging.
Go back and notice that chart's "X-Time scale" is no longer set to 30 (always seems to be a lower number).

You can do this on any chart resolution and it still happens.

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