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Open Bug report MC-2687

Portfolio Trader cannot set 1 max contract/position

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In the newest MultiCharts64 Version 14.0 Release (Build 21357) in the Format Settings of a strategy in Portfolio Trader, the Maximum shares/contracts per position cannot be set to 1 (one).
If this is by design then why can't a futures strategy be limited to only holding one contract per position like every other version? If you try to set this value to one then a dialog box displays an error message that says the maximum number of shares/contracts per position must be greater than 1 and less than or equal to 1000000000.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Add a new strategy to Portfolio Trader.
  2. Add an instrument.
  3. Add a signal.
  4. In the strategy format settings, open the Properties tab and set Trade Size to 1 Fixed Shares/Contracts.
  5. Uncheck Allow up to x entry orders in the same direction as the currently held position.
  6. Set the Maximum shares/contracts per position to 1 (one)
  7. Try to save the Format Settings window.
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