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Open Feature request MC-546

order splitting when plotting volume charts

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in TS they do not split tick volume. as a result, they do not keep the resolution. since you have many TS users, i think it would be wise to include a functionality that would replicate TS volume charts precisely. for example, if you plot an 8,000 contract bar interval in TS, if 7,900 orders have been completed and then a single order comes in for 300 contracts, in TS it would plot 8,200 then move onto the next bar. in MC it would artificially split this order by plotting 100 to complete the 8,000 bar then plot the other 200 to begin the next bar.

Steps to reproduce this issue

plot any fixed volume chart and observe the volume in each bar. in MC every single bar is precisely the bar interval. MC splits the orders up for resolution whereas TS does not.

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