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Open Feature request MC-616

Please create a Static variable like in program languages for power langauge.

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When I program in PowerLanguage I want to check what this static variable value was after exiting and coming back in and then when a condition occurs I set the Static variable .  I was told the variable automatically knows to be a static or local variable.  Unfortunately I have found many situations where it does not know to be Static.  Definition of Static is; When variable is set; it keeps this value until my code changes it, even though the process has exited and entered back in to a indicator.
Most time it does work as a static then others it sometimes works as a local variable.  This makes using variables un-reliable.  (Will it work or not.  Oh my I added code and suddenly other things that use to work do not.)  In the programming world this would be called a feature(Bug).  Can not depend on a variable remembering what value it had.  Power Language thinks you now want it as a local variable so it will change the value, next time the indicator is tick has changed.  Frustrated!
Currently I have to pass the value out as a global and then re-read it back to keep the value.

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