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Open Feature request MC-657

To enable change autotrade order confirmation selection without the autotrading going off

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A question, regarding the inter reaction between the autotrading and the trade panel:
1) Autotrading parameters-Sync selected, order confirmation reqd selected, market position flat selected. When I select autotrading on, a stop gets created by system for a long at eg 11,100 (cos the market price is now close to 11,100) even though the system existing position is a long at 11,000. So to prevent that, I on the autotrading with the order confirmation reqd selected. So then I keep rejecting buy order confirmations that are too high and wait for market to drop sufficently and accept only the lower buy order confirmation. But when I accept the correct buy stop order confirmation, I now realise that order confirmation reqd for next trade is still on, in the autotrade! (which means I have to remain infront of PC to reverse the next trade cos the next trade will generate a confirmation requirement from me, defeating the purpose of autotrading!). But if I deselect the order confirmation required then the auto trading goes off with a msg requesting to cancel the existing buy order (which I accepted earlier), which I don't want to do, so I select don't cancel order. But now if I on back the autotrading, with order confirmation now selected as NOT required, it will generate another buy order automatically! So now I have 2 buy orders when I only want the initial 1 buy order that I accepted. Do you see the mess happening.

2) So I realise the only solution is I thatI have to the close the open buy position manually in the trade panel and then on the autotrading (with no order confirmation required) only when the market price is close to the system trigger point, so that the buy stop generated is close the the system signal point! Or when a sell stop is generated if it drops sufficently to match the short called for by the system signal! Then the autotradaing will function correctly.

I think selecting and deselecting order confirmation should not cause offing of the autotrading, that is a major flaw!

Steps to reproduce this issue

You need to just test with a system and use sync mode. After your system has generated a signal and then you are trying to on the autotrade later, you will realise the above anormally

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