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Open Feature request MC-997

Broker Profile selections on same chart don't agree

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It is possible to apply a broker profile to a chart using the Chart Trading hide/show tab and also to apply a broker profile to the same chart using the Strategy Properties option of the Automation button. It is inconceivable that these two settings would ever be set to two different broker profiles on purpose. Instead it offers an opportunity for failure in the automation process if the user (quite logically) thinks that the selection made using Chart Trading has been applied to the chart--when it has not.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Open Chart Trading hide/show window. Select Account #1. Close hide/show window
  2. Click on Automation button>Strategy Properties dropdown menu option. Note that a different account number can be selected. Select Account #2.
  3. Reopen Chart Trading and note that Account #1 is still selected

Standard useability behavior expectations are that if the user is allowed to effect changes to the same data in two separate places in the UI, then those changes should be propagated--and NOT independent.

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