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This page contains information on currently available versions of MultiCharts. These are the latest official release and the beta version we are currently testing. As a rule, we send information about new versions to all customers and make announcements at the Discussion Forum and the What's New section on our site. MultiCharts also has an integrated version checker—so you always know if you have the latest version.

Important: if you don’t know the exact version of MultiCharts you have on your computer (32 bit/64 bit), go to MultiCharts -> Help tab -> About MultiCharts. If it says MultiCharts, then you have the 32 bit version installed – so download and install the 32 bit version. If it says MultiCharts64, then you have the 64-bit version installed - so download and install the 64 bit version.



Release 32-bit

Version: 9.1.12586

Release Date: 11 Apr 2016

File Size: 89 MB


Release 64-bit

Version: 9.1.12587

Release Date: 11 Apr 2016

File Size: 124 MB



For further instructions on using MultiCharts use Online Help and review our online tutorials. If you still have any questions about MultiCharts or need assistance, just contact our customer support representatives.

If you already have MultiCharts installed and your trial version is expired, call us +1 888 340 6572 and we will try to expand your MultiCharts experience.