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Open Feature request MC-1002

Symbol Mapping Ease of Use Enhancements

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Accurate symbol mapping is critical to proper order execution and should be much easier to do correctly. Users encounter too many opportunities to make errors as the functionality currently exits. These suggested enhancements address that.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. The user should be able to specify that all symbol mapping records for a brokerage (e.g., Interactive Brokers) should be applied to all broker profiles. The user should not have to maintain a separate symbol mapping class for each broker profile at the same brokerage. If a user with four accounts must create and maintain the symbol mappings for each it creates large opportunities for error and failed execution.
  2. The user should be able to specify that they do not want symbol mappings to be auto-created. If so specified, the system will behave as follows:
    a. Symbols on the Chart Symbol side will be comprised ONLY of valid symbols appearing in open charts.
    b. Symbols on the Broker Symbol side of the mapping record will ONLY be populated in the symbol mapping UI if they are actual instruments appearing in the connected broker workstation instance.
    c. No “synthetic” broker or chart symbols will be automatically created by Quote Manager. If Quote Manager cannot find a best guess match on the broker side for a given chart symbol, the Broker Symbol will be left null and the user will select the appropriate symbol and/or add it from Quote Manager.
  3. Saved symbol mapping records will not be overwritten. They will be persisted until modified or deleted by the user (again, when symbol mapping records are deleted by the user, they will not be automatically re-populated).
  4. When the user clicks on the Automate Order Execution button>Symbol Mapping option, if a single instrument is present on the chart then that instrument’s chart symbol will be highlighted in the symbol mapping record. This will allow the user to tell immediately whether a mapping record exists for the instrument on the chart (rather than having to manually inspect possibly dozens of similar records).
    _5. Ideally, the system should check whether a given Chart Symbol-Broker Symbol pair are valid before automation execution fails. Another approach would be to provide the user with a chart function that would perform a symbol mapping validity test. _
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