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Open Feature request MC-1017

Backfilling in Quotemanager

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When MC needs to be closed during the day, due to error or whatever situation. There will be gaps in the data. The only data that will be backfilled is the data you have on a chart. So if you have a minute data chart. It will backfill the minute data chart (and also the min. data in quotemanager). But not the tickdata or bid and ask.
In the option "fields to collect" (rightmouseclick on the symbol), you can specify which data you would like to collect realtime. You can put there an extra option to backfill this data. With IB broker you can backfill all types of data (tick, ask, bid) if you request this within 30 minutes. Other data types like minute, day etc have bigger timewindows to backfill. So in case of a restart of MC you can allways get all the missed data when you take action within the 30 minutes.   
So my feature request is: Would like to have the option to backfill data (within the limitations of the datafeed) in quotemanager.

Steps to reproduce this issue

New feature, so no reproducing.

Comments (2)
user-offline.png  Guest (Guest)
Oct 18, 2014 - 00:31

2 yrs 3 months have passed since this request and it has 15 votes. When are we going to see this feature implemented?

user-offline.png  Guest (Guest)
Dec 04, 2014 - 15:31

Hello, This is an extremely useful feature, a super-hot feature!! It will be great if MC management takes a decision to implement this. Thanks a lot.

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