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Open Feature request MC-1035

Add CQG supported indices (e.g. TICK, TRIN, Nasdaq TRINQ) in data feed

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In Multicharts 8.0 AMP CQG is a new broker and data feed which is really a great improvement but unfortunately CQG supported indices (www.ampclearing.com/cqg_indexes.html) are not yet accessible though it should not be very time-consuming to also realize the access to those indices in Multicharts. By the way, Ninjatrader does offer access to those indices using their CQG interface. Why does Multicharts make a worse offer to their clients? NinjaTrader bundled in one step all parts of accessible data feeds to their CQG interface and the indices are of value:
Some time ago I bought a futures trading system written in EasyLanguage which makes use of TRIN and TRINQ indices, and is has a really great profit factor. Therefore I would be very happy to have access to these indices.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Use Multicharts 8.0.5622.401 x64 and try to access one of the CQG indices from within QuoteManager. QuoteManger is only able to add CQG futures symbols and not CQG indices. Even if one tries to manually add CQG indices, QuoteManager will not be able to access the data feed.

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