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Closed Feature request MC-1064

Protect positions in case of connection loss to broker or system crash with support for server-side attached stop loss orders at Interactive Brokers

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Especially when autotrading short to mid term positions, in case of connection loss to the broker or a system crash, the positions should not be left unprotected.
If at the time of the connection loss to the broker an order to enter a position (e.g. a buy market, buy limit or stop buy) has been submitted, but not yet been filled, the attached exit strategies cannot be submitted to the broker and the positions are left unprotected until Multicharts restores normal operation, which for an autotrading system may be many hours. In this case it would be critical to store at least an attached stop loss order server-side at the broker so when MC is unable to trade, the positions are managed gracefully.
The Interactive Brokers support said the IB API supports server-side attach orders, but MC support said MC does not support IB server-side attach order and there are no plans for the future - therefore I was suggested to open a ticket here.
I think it is very important for a client side autotrading system like Multicharts or Ninjatrader to protect positions in case the ability to trade breaks down otherwise you jump into a high risk situation without noticing until it is too late or even if you notice you cannot act in a timely manner.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Place an order with attached stop loss auto exit strategy. Disconnect from the internet after the order has been submitted to the broker but before the order has been filled.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support (MultiCharts)
Apr 06, 2017 - 10:41
Native OCO-group is supported in MultiCharts for IB broker and position will be protected with the stop loss or profit target (in fact, it will be a regular stop and limit), they will be in the same OCO-group, if MC is closed or crashed, and profit target will be cancelled, if stop loss price gets hit. However, they will not be native stop loss and profit target of IB and in case the position is closed in TWS manually, those price orders will not be cancelled automatically.
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