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Open Feature request MC-1078

Save Chart trading parameters (e.g. stop loss levels) individually for each instrument

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When you specify and save Chart trading parameters (stop loss levels, trailing stop trigger levels etc.) for one instrument, this affects all other instruments of the same category, even those in other workspaces. I suggest to individually save the parameters for each instrument, or alternatively, for each workspace.
It is absolutely vital to be able to adapt the parameters for each instrument indivdually, due to different tick sizes, prices scales and volatility.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  1. Open a workspace for "CL" (for example)
  2. Open chart trading bar (full mode)
  3. Specifiy stop loss exit strategy = 20 ticks (for example)
  4. Open another workspace with an instrument of the same category (so if your instrument of step 1 is a Futures contract, then open a different Futures contract, for example "GC".) 
  5. You will notify, that the change in CL has affected GC as well. 
    (If you had opened a non-future instrument in step 4, e.g. FOREX, you would notice that the change in CL did not had an effect)  
  6. Change one of the chart trading parameters of your second instrument (e.g. stop loss = 15 ticks)  
  7. You will notifiy that the change of step 6 for instrument 2 has affected instrument 1 as well.
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