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Open Feature request MC-1081

Provide a workaround for detecting changes in functions

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Currently when the user edits a function in MC .NET and saves it, MC .NET does not pick up this change.

This leads to the following annoying and unproductive behaviour:
- Make a strategy that uses a function,
- Call the method in that function in the strategy - everything works fine,
- Make an obvious change in the method of that function (for example, Output.WriteLine("hello!")),
- Save the function in Visual Studio (Ctrl - S),
- The strategy (that calls that function) isn't reloaded and I need to go to Format Signals -> Remove signal -> Press Close. Then press F7, re-add the signal, re-input the signal settings, apply it to the chart, and now the signal is calculated with the made change in the function.

Toggling the Signal On/Off doesn't help.

I find it quite cumbersome to have to remove and re-add the strategy after each change in a function. This is quite unproductive and strongly discourages the use of classes and methods in other .cs files, which is one of the strengths of C# and makes for much "tidier" code.

As a feature request, I'd like to ask to make it possible to do this in a more productive manner. How this should be implemented depends on the MC .NET platform, but some possibilities are:
- Let MC .NET also detect the functions that are called by an indicator or strategy, and monitor these for changes;
- Provide a shortcut so that the user can force an manually recalcution of the code applied to the chart (much like NinjaTrader's F5 - Recalculate NinjaScript option).

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See above.

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