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[Request] Bars Back Charting

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I would like to request an option to plot only X number of Bars when bringing up a chart.
Currently there are two options:
1. X number of "Days" back starting from Y date
2. From X to Y date
It would be very useful for day traders to plot the last X number of Bars to achieve more control of the strategy which relies on very fast moving average, which will give different results depending on how much data are in the chart. In fact, having the chart only the X number of bars consistently and throwing out the rest behind would be best implementation, imho.
Having a "Bars" in option #1 drop down menu would be the UI I am thinking of and the implementation of it as described above. Thank you for your considerations.

Steps to reproduce this issue

Please bring up any chart and go to format instrument, then view Data Range, and click drop down menu where "Days" come up. Having an additional "Bars" here as a new feature is what I am describing and hoping for.

Comments (1)
user-offline.png  mno
Aug 08, 2012 - 09:01

I am sorry to have left my request vague. I left the most important point out of the whole request. My request applies for non-regular charts. Regular charts do have this option and I believe it would be very useful to have the same for non-regular charts as well, namely for heiken-ashi and kagi.
Thank you.

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