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Open Feature request MC-1096

Andrews Pitchfork Tool

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The Andrews Fork Tool is missing 2 of the drawing methods that are part of Andrew's Median Line trading method.   There are 3 forks: Regular (you have) and the Schiff and Modified Schiff forks (you are missing).    These are available for most charting packages in their fork drawing tools.   Drawing the the Schiff and Modified Schiff by hand is tedius even though the calculations are easy.

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Comments (10)
user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Dec 16, 2012 - 19:54

Can multicharts provide a status on this particular feature request.

user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Mar 17, 2014 - 09:06

In addition the Andrews Pitchfork Tool does not have Warning Lines. I hope that these will be added in a future update along with the Schiff and Modified Schiff Median Lines, which should also have Warning Lines.
I find it slightly strange that TradingView (www.tradingview.com), which I understand is a MutliCharts product, has all these features and yet MutliCharts, does not!

user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Apr 26, 2014 - 05:06

it has been a while since the request was made, even NinjaTrader has the 3 pitch forks! Until all the pitch forks are added I will not even consider trying out your charting software.

user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Jan 19, 2015 - 15:55

The Pitchfork tool ,Regular,Shciff and Modified shiff and to make further parallel lines to the pitfhcork is the reason i really not considering buying this software

user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Oct 02, 2015 - 10:10

Schiff, modified schiff and warning lines are a basic feature that should be available in any charting software.
What would be also great is the ability to easily generate a trendline with the same slope as the pitchfork! Something like "ctrl + left-click" on the pitchfork that would create a ray/trendline that has the same slope as the median line. That would allow for easy drawing of sliding parrallels.

user-offline.png  Michael (Phoenix7344)
Jan 05, 2016 - 10:49

There are 3 types of Andrew's Pitchforks; Standard, Schiff and modified Schiff. Each has a certain value as a drawing tool. Please add the Schiff and modified Schiff Andrew's Pitchforks.

user-offline.png  Michael (Id2)
Jan 05, 2016 - 10:55

I forgot to mention one more thing. I downloaded your free s/w yesterday and started playing with it. Today I discovered that you don't have the Schiff and modified Schiff Andrew's Pitchforks in your tools. I use these tools for my trading and it's important to me to have a Charting package that has these tools. Because of this, I will not be signing up for the paid version of MultiCharts at this time.

user-offline.png  esbee (esbee)
Dec 08, 2016 - 13:03

Guys, I can understand that you focus a lot on automatic trading and so on. But it has been over 4 years since this very basic feature has been requested! At the very least, please keep us informed!

user-offline.png  NickA (blowfish)
Jun 08, 2017 - 12:53

Basic functionality. Will deter some new users.

Also please add a similar dialogue box to the fibonacci tool so you can add 50% lines 150% 200% etc. etc. I started using Multicharts because of other functionality but have to keep flipping back to tradingview to draw stuff. There are some pretty big trading groups and several advisories who's subscribers use pitchforks. You have already captured the algo and system trader crowd, fix this and get some of those other traders too!! Thanks :)

user-offline.png  esbee (esbee)
Aug 11, 2017 - 04:28


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