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Open Feature request MC-1098

Floating-Point error message

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My strategy when i run it on Genetic Algorithm some times it uses small Numbers and cases floting point error. But If some certain combination of inputs are causing error then MC should remove those calculations and show rest of proper calculated combinations in optimization report. It should not remove all the combination results from report. This is not good and feel disappointing specially when I run the test for many hours and then at end when i stop the run and it don't show a single result and all my time is waisted.

I request you to urgently fix this issue.

Steps to reproduce this issue

u can use strategy on your site http://www.multicharts.com/trading-software/index.php/Floating-Point_Stack_Check_Exception_Error_Message and add some more strategy with it and then do optimization run which uses different inputs which can generate normal results and floting number error and when run is toped it should remove error inputs and show rest or inputs.

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user-offline.png  GB (Id2)
Dec 02, 2015 - 06:12

I used the same script and the same optimization parameters to optimize on both MC and TS. MC stopped after less than 1M with floating point operation i.e. division by zero. The same script and optimization work on TS. Apparently, TS has come across this issue and they were able to fix it.

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