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Fundamental Analysis like Tradestation or Vector Vest

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Is it possible add Fundamental Analysis like
Vector Vest
into mc strategy, indicator
and a database of historical and real time Fundamental data please?

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Is it possible add Fundamental Analysis like
Vector Vest
into mc strategy, indicator
and a database of historical and real time Fundamental data please?

Comments (3)
user-offline.png  JD
Jan 26, 2013 - 18:08

For this feature request, I recommend that MultiCharts look into CompuStat database which has a very rich set of fundamental data historically per stock. It is used by University of Chicago's CRSP database and also is the basis of William O'Neil's WONDA service. This type of fundamental database gets updated periodically (e.g., once a day or once a week - as you choose when setting up with CompuStat). This would give one the ability to historically look at the following fundamental data at points back in time (which typically update/change on a quarterly basis for a stock, but you'll want to update once a day or once a week cause different stocks report financials at different times throughout the quarter):
* Last Quarter EPS
* Current Quarter Estimated EPS
* Current Earnings Due Date
* Last Quarter Sales/Revenue
* Annual Pre-Tax Margin %
* Annual ROE %
* Debt/Equity Ratio
* Market Capitalization
* # of Outstanding Shares
* # of Floating Shares
* # of Mutual Funds invested in this stock
* # of Non-Mutual Fund Instituional Shares
* Mutual Funds Sponsorship (names of funds and ideally their # of shares that have invested in this stock)
Ultimately, I believe you (MultiCharts company) should subscribe to Compustat as an institutional client and then resell this fundamental data downward to your MultiCharts user base (the retail clients). Historical fundamental data is not easily accessible by us at the retail level for use in systems/models/backtesting. This feature would surely separate you from many other trading platforms as a premier equities based trading platform accessible by the masses of retail investors.

user-offline.png  bomberone1
Mar 09, 2013 - 05:02

Add the possibility to creata a large database of fundamental data of stocks or cot indicator, (both US stocks, but also Italia, Germany, ecc... ) like tradestation or vector vest have.
Have a tool to have a fast scan of the best fundamental stocks in the market, nad to follow the real time earning release.

user-offline.png  bomberone1
icon_reply.pngMay 05, 16:59, in reply to comment #0

Please add also the COT indicator like tradestation.


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