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Open Feature request MC-1141

(For X seconds only) allow arrow keys to move the highlighted drawing object.

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(As always with an option to turn this feature on or leave things as they are by default) it would be very useful to have MC such that once a drawing object is highlighted the arrow keys can be used to move this drawing object left or right bar by bar. Once the user stopped pressing the arrow key a 5 second duration would kick in and the arrow keys would revert back to moving the chart as they do now. The reason to "have this time 5 second time limit" is just incase the user forgets to remove the highlight from the object and later on they use the arrow keys to move the chart and instead they accidently move the drawing object. Yes without the time limit this feature could create problems.
. . .
In regards to having this feature as an option to turn on or leave off by default it would make sense to have the number of seconds of limitation as the method to turn this feature on. So if the value was zero then the program would not allow the user to move the highlighted object using the arrow keys. However if the user chose the value 10 then this would allow them to use the arrow keys to move the drawing object for 10 seconds time since they first highlighted the object or since the last time they used the arrow keys. So to revert the arrow keys back to moving the chart the user either lets the duration expire or the user highlights the chart again to remove the highlight from the drawing object.
The reason I thought of this idea is because it is actually really a very slow process to get an arrow accurately placed over a certain bar with the mouse and cross hair pointer. If the option to press the control key to force the arrow to center on the cross hair was in place this would reduce the need for this new feature Idea I created. However I still think this ability to move objects with the arrow keys would be very handy for all drawing objects. In fact with this feature (ability to move drawing objects with arrow keys) was in place then the need to press the control key to center the arrow on the cross hair is greatly reduced (maybe even rendered fully obsolete).

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