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Open Feature request MC-1170

Visual Studio Intellisense docs not published.

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When editing C# code in PLStudies2010.sln in Visual Studio, Intellisense does not show API documentation for any of multicharts assembly references (included PL*.dll files). This is because XML Docs are not included with the reference assemblies in:
%ProgramData%\TS Support\MultiCharts .NET64\StudyServer\Techniques\CS
These XML Docs should be the same XML files used to generate the MC's .NET API documentation.

Steps to reproduce this issue
  • Open PLStudies2010.sln in visual studio
  • Try auto complete feature for any object under the MultiCharts namespace.
    ==== EXPECTED ====
    Should see documentation for each object or member
    ==== ACTUAL ====
    There's no intellisense documentation for MC objects
Comments (2)
user-offline.png  orad (orad)
15 de nov de 2012 - 03:03

Maybe you can make XML docs available for download in a zip file? Having access to the docs in Visual Studio is much more convenient than browing/searching the .CHM file.

user-offline.png  orad (orad)
27 de dic de 2014 - 11:45

This issue has been fixed. You may close the issue.

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