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Open Feature request MC-1237

Cumultaive Delta "Chart Type" set up as a volume histogram style

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I am wondering if you could please make it so we have the option to set up the Cumulative Delta as a volume histogram style. I am thinking of three ways that this can be done. The frist is where the buy volume is plotted as bars on top of a line and the the sell volume plotted pointing downwards on the downside from the same line. A second option could be where both buy and sell volume are plottet within the same volume bar, but separated with for example green and red colors. The third way is two separate histograms just as the classical Up and Down Volume histogram indicators already in MultiCharts.
Thank you.
- Laurentius

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Comments (7)
user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support
Jun 13, 2013 - 13:41

Please provide us with a picture demonstraing what you need.

user-offline.png  Laurentius
Jun 14, 2013 - 18:17

Hello Andrew. Thank you for your follow up. As you see I have added a picture for illustration. There are other ways of using the Cumulative Delta chart type data, but this would be first choice and is just an assembly of the Cumulative Delta bars as is on a zero line where "Up" is on the top side and "Down" on the negative side. An option could be to select "Do not display wicks". Laurentius

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support
Jun 18, 2013 - 07:18

What is different on your screenshot in comparisson to the screenshot i have just added?

user-offline.png  Laurentius
Jun 18, 2013 - 11:44

If I understand your picture correctly, it is the Cumulative Delta chart set as a histogram where the value of the bars is the closings, the same values as with the regular CD chart. Except from Histogram showing continuous bars from zero it would be the exact same as the Cumulative Delta chart displayed as Line on Close. All three is Delta values displayed as Cumulative charts.
In the picture I have posted each Delta bar is set to the zero line as they are based on the Open for each Delta bar, meaning that one would get the Delta values for each bar in the scale instead of the cumulative total for a given number of bars as displayed normally. So with the Delta bars in my illustration one can visually compare both sizes of Delta bars and the delta values individually. So this is Delta bars put together in a non-cumulative way.
I have attached a new picture which illustrates all that I wrote above. Note that the illustration with the CD Non-Cumulative chart is with ask-bid whereas the two upper ones with MC is with up/down ticks, but you get the point. All three illustrations is with a 3 minute chart and with the same instrument for the exact same periods.

user-offline.png  MultiCharts Support
Jun 18, 2013 - 12:04

Please confirm the following logic or comment if it is not correct:
There are 5 ticks:
tick 1 has up volume 3,
tick 2 has up volume 5,
tick 3 has down volume 7,
tick 4 has down volume 4 and
tick 5 has up volume 10.
How it should work:
After tick 1 is receved, the bar is green and it grows up from 0 line to value 3.
After tick 2 is received, the bar is green and i grows up from value 3 to value 8.
After tick 3 is received, the bar is still green, but it goes down to value 1 and it has the wick up to value 8.
After tick 4 is receved, the bar crosses 0 line, turns into the red one and goes down to value -3, having the same wick up to value 8.
After tick 5 is received the bar again crosses the 0 line and its current value (body of the bar) is now 7. It also has 2 wicks: the top one reaches value 1 and the bottom one reaches value -3.
Is it how it is supposed to work?

user-offline.png  Laurentius
Jun 18, 2013 - 16:20

Thanks a lot for your follow ups on this Andrew.
In the second last sentence I guess you meant value 8 for the top wick and not 1. Meaning wick 8, current 7, wick -3. So yes, you are correct. Then next bar from zero again being the open and so forth.

user-offline.png  Guest
Oct 03, 2013 - 14:45

Looking to have a non-cumulative version of Delta Volume that resets to zero every bar.

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    CD-Histogram_equals_line-close.png uploaded Jun 18, 2013 by Laurentius
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